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** Download Parcels, Roads & Zoning Shapefiles Here **

Maps and Database Tools Tutorial

The next three links below take you to the same website but with different "map services".  Once there you can toggle between the map services using the pull-down menu below the map.  Learn more here.

New GIS Map and App Gallery - Land Records information

Parcel Map - Get parcel information including zoning, assessor data, and elevations.

Critical Areas - View critical area (environmentally sensitive) layers along with base map data.   Note: Most of the environmental layers (e.g., wetlands, shoreline, FEMA, soils, etc.) were not produced by Jefferson County.  These layers are at a scale of 1:24,000 or less and can be off from 40 feet to a few hundred feet.  They should only be considered as a highly generalized reference when zoomed in closer than 1:24,000 or when viewed with the parcel layer.

Clickable County Road Atlas - View roads throughout the county by clicking on the map.

Map Database - Searchable database of maps in Adobe .pdf format.

Internet Explorer 7+ and Firefox 3+ default settings may prevent the xy (lat-long) coordinates to display in the status bar on ArcIMS.  Please make the following changes on your browser to enable this feature:

 IE 7: Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level.  Scroll close to the bottom and enable the setting entitled “Allow status bar updates via script"  If the map is displayed you'll need to refresh it to see the change.

Firefox through ver. 4:  Tools>Options>Content.  Click on the first “Advanced” button and check the box labeled “Change status bar text”

Firefox ver. 5 and above:  The default status bar has changed and will not display the coordinates.  There is an add-on that allows the coordinates to display  You can find it here: Status-4-Evar



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