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Map Site Enhancements

The site has been redesigned in order to better facilitate the presentation of additional data layers.  The new site includes many new data layers including the environmentally sensitive layers that county staff use during project review.

The key changes to the interface are:

Try It

The new site can be accessed from this link or from the "New" link at the bottom of the Tax Parcel Search results page.  "New" is just to the right of the normal "Map Parcel" link.  After some time running both sites in tandem we will remove the old site altogether.


Please review this page and the Map Tool Help page first.  If trouble persists you can send an email request for help.

New layerlist/legend panel

The old and new panels are shown below.  The combination legend/layerlist has been replaced with an enhanced folder system for layers.  The legend can be seen by clicking the Legend tab at the top of the panel and will be shown on map printouts.



Data layers have been organized in folders by topic.  Clicking on a folder icon or folder name opens the folder.

Layers with a single symbol will have the symbol displayed next to the layer name.  Layers with multiple symbols will have a legend icon that can be clicked to show all the symbols.

A second click on the legend icon hides the symbols.  Explanations for other icons and controls are shown in the Help panel below the folders.

All layers appear in the layerlist regardless of what scale the map is at.

In the old site, layer would appear and disappear from the layerlist as the map scale changed.  In the new site, all layers appear on the list even if they are not available at the current scale.  Cues are given to indicate how to make the layer appear.  In the Zoomed Out example below, all three layers are grayed out which indicates that they are not available at the current scale.  In addition, the SIPZ layer has been selected and the selection box has turned into a magnifying glass with a plus sign.  This indicates that the map must be zoomed in further for the layer to appear.  The Zoomed In example shows how how the layerlist changes when the map is zoomed in.  All three layers are now available and the SIPZ layer is shown on the map since it was previously selected.

Zoomed Out

Zoomed In

Ability to load different map sets without reloading the website.

In the old system we had a parcel map site and a census map site.  There was no ability to jump between the two and the entire viewer had to be reloaded to switch between the sites.  The new site has a parcel map set, a census map set, and a new environmentally sensitive areas (ESA) map set.  A pulldown menu has been added below the map and to the right of the scale input box that allows the user to toggle between the different map sets.  The map extent will be retained as well as layer visibility, label status, and the active layer provided the map sets share common data layers.  For example, if you have the road network visible and labeled on the parcel map and switch to census you will still see roads and road names.  If you then turn off the labels and switch to the ESA map you will see roads but no labels.  But if you have parcels visible and active at the ESA site and then switch to census, the parcels will disappear and the census  blocks will be active.  This is because parcels are not available on the census map and census blocks are the default active layer.  In the future we plan to add additional topical map sets such as districts (schools, fire, drainage, etc).

Minor changes to the toolbar.

The Find Websites and Make GeoURL Meta Tags have been dropped and the Toggle Legend tool has been added.





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